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Friday 20 Feb 2015SLM-based Synthetic Holography in Microscopy

Prof. Monika Ritsch-Marte - Medizinische Universitšt Innsbruck

Newman Red 12:00-13:00

Synthetic Holography, in the sense that the optical wave-front is shaped by pre-calculated patterns on high-resolution liquid-crystal-based phase modulator panels called Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs), is a powerful tool for customizing not only optical trapping, but also optical imaging. One can utilizing them, for instance, as a programmable Fourier-filter to emulate classic techniques for contrast enhancement, such as dark-field microscopy, Zernike phase contrast, or spiral phase contrast, and toggle between these modalities by simply replacing the image displayed on the screen. The approach facilitates corrections for optical aberrations induced by the set-up or by the sample itself. A further major advantage provided by SLMs is the possibility to multiplex images, for example to combine images from different depths of the sample or for different settings of imaging parameters in one recorded image, implementing e.g. quantitative phase microscopy. Finally, SLM-tailored illumination may also be employed for artifact reduction in linear microscopy or for the fine-tuning of phase-matching in nonlinear CARS-microscopy.

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