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Tuesday 23 Sep 2014Water Efficiency; How Much is Enough?

Tom Andrewartha - Essex & Suffolk Water

Harrison 103 13:00-14:00

Water Efficiency; How Much is Enough?

Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) operate in the driest region of the country with rainfall levels lower than several Mediterranean countries. This unknown, and often unbelievable, fact is set alongside a range of major challenges faced by the water industry; namely climate change, increasing population and an ever increasing demand for high water consuming products. Water efficiency, along with leakage reduction and effective metering strategies, therefore plays a key role in the management of demand.

ESW, as the industry leader in the field of water efficiency, has developed a wide range of projects that aim to assist customers, both domestic and commercial, to reduce water consumption. Several of ESW’s key water efficiency projects – from the multi-award winning H2eco domestic retrofit project to the Make Every Drop Count whole-town approach – will be summarised to highlight examples of best practice. In doing so, Tom will challenge the audience regarding how much water we all consume on a daily basis and pose the question ‘how much is enough?’. In a world where we often take things for granted, the vast majority of people rarely consider where and how they use water, let alone estimate how much water we each use each day.

Research also forms a significant component of ESW’s water efficiency strategy, allowing the business to continually improve its water efficiency offering whilst also providing insights into the effectiveness of such projects, campaigns and initiatives. Whether the research aims to assess the longevity of water savings, the effectiveness of behavioural economics in the water efficiency arena or the use of emerging technologies, research acts as a key component in ESW’s water efficiency strategy and will do so in the future.

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