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Tuesday 07 Oct 2014Water-Energy-Food Nexus - Global conflicts and possible solutions

Professor Gustaf Olsson - Lund University

Harrison 103 13:00-14:00

The aim of the seminar is to create an awareness of the important couplings between water and energy. It shows how energy is used in a variety of water cycle operations and demonstrates how water is used – and misused – in all kinds of energy production and generation.
Population increase, climate change and an increasing competition between food and fuel production create enormous pressures on both water and energy availability. Since there is no replacement for water, water security looks more crucial than energy security. This is true not only in developing countries but also in the most advanced countries. For example, the western parts of the USA suffer from water scarcity that provides a real security threat.

The presentation does not aim to show “how to design” or to solve some of the very intricate conflicts between water and energy. Instead it will demonstrate ideas, possibilities and a number of results as well as challenges for research.

The water-energy issue is not only about technology. It is our attitudes and our lifestyle that can significantly influence the consumption of both water and energy. We all have to be reminded that when we use water we use energy. Also, when we use energy we use water.

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