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Thursday 06 Nov 2014SDAC seminar : Ecology and Environmental Variation in Microbial Communities

Prof Isaac Klapper - Temple University

Harrison 203 14:00-15:00

Microbes form a large and central part of the global ecosystem.
As a consequence of their short reproductive time and their proficiency
at exchange of genetic material, it seems plausible that microbes in
communities operate at high efficiency (in terms of free energy
and nutrient usage) in many contexts. One obvious issue of interest
would be the description of species within a microbial community and
its dependence on the local environment.

Description of niche structure of organisms and how that structure
impacts competitiveness has long been a topic of interest among ecologists.
Here, in the context of Yellowstone National Park microbial mat, we discuss
separately influence of temporal and spatial environment on microbial community
species structure. In the case of temporal variation, the possibility
of competitive exclusion is discussed. In the case of spatial variation,
the nature of niche structure is discussed.

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