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Thursday 16 Oct 2014Nanoplatforms based on Cyclodextrins as Multifunctional Systems for Biomedical Application

Professor Antonino Mazzaglia - National Council of Research -- Institute of Nanostructured Materials (ISMN) UOS Palermo c/o Dept. of Chemical Sciences of the University of Messina, Viale F. Stagno D'Alcontres 31 98166, Messina, Italy

HAR/170 (3D Visualisation Suite) 14:00-15:00

Cyclodextrin are suitable host molecules especially used for drug entrapment and delivery. Our goals is to design and characterize biodegradable amphiphilic cyclodextrin able to host, deliver and especially target a drug in the sites of action. These carriers, have a size compatible with i.v. injection and posses high potential to optimize drug distribution in the body, and selectively deliver anticancer, photosensitiser for Photodynamic Therapy of Tumors (PDT), metal nanoparticles , DNA for gene therapy or combined dose of therapeutics and /or diagnostic probe for theranostic . This multifunctional nanoconstructs can be engineered with stimuli-responsive probes i.e. pH, magnetic field, light , redox potential, or combined with nanoplatform based on MWCNT and/or graphene to give dispositives for investigating cell behavior. Recent investigations and results will be here discussed.

Research Interests:
+ Design of drug delivery systems based on amphiphilic cyclodextrins
+ Design of drug delivery systems based on metal nanoparticles
+ Supramolecules of cyclodextins/polymers and porphyrinoids for Photodynamic Therapy of Tumors
+ Multiunctional organic-inoganic hybrids for therapy and diagnosis (theranhostic)
+ Nanomaterials based on carbon nanotubes and graphens for therapeutic applications and biosensing
+ Stimuli-responsive nanomaterials (pH, magneitc filed, light..) for therapy and biosensing

Degree in Chemistry and PhD in Chemical Sciences (University of Catania, Bioinorganic Chemistry))
+ Post-doc fellowship : University College Dublin (UCD) 1999/2000 (Organic Physical Chemistry)
+ Researcher (CNR-ISMN PA) since 2001
+ Visiting Researcher, lecturer and examiner at University of Exeter, Twente, Njmegen, ETH-Zurich, UCD e DIT Dublin, Aalborg, Rekjavik Bari, Firenze, Torino, Padova, Napoli, Catania e Messina
+ Member of Scientific, Advisory Board of National and International Conference on Cyclodextrins
+ Chairman of the IV National Conference on CD and "CD Summer School" (May 2013)

Author of 62 Papers on ISI journals ( whose 3 Book Chapters), H-Index 18, and more of 100 communciation in conferences (40 oral)

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