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Tuesday 23 Jun 2015Seminar: (TUE) double talk: "Dust/gas in HL Tau" and "Finding the disc around pre-stellar objects"

Dr Daniel Price and Dr James Wurster - Monash University, Australia

Physics, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

Daniel Price:

"Dust/gas in HL Tau

I will discuss our attempts to understand the amazing images of HL Tau seen by ALMA using dust/gas simulations. All will be revealed!"

James Wurster:

"Finding the disc around pre-stellar objects

Stars are formed at the centre of collapsing gas clouds. Observations indicate that this occurs in the presence of strong magnetic fields, and that a biproduct is the formation of a disc. However, numerical simulations are unable to form a disc when strong, ideal magnetic fields are included. I will discuss the three non-ideal magnetohydrodynamic processes, including the Hall effect, and examine impact that they have on star formation. I will show that including non-ideal MHD can bring back the disc."

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