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Wednesday 01 Oct 2014Semi-synthetic secondary eclipse lightcurves of hot Jupiter exoplanets.

Deepak Mahtani - University of Keele

Physics, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

Secondary eclipse observations allow the characterisation of the dayside of hot Jupiter exoplanet atmospheres. The standard, state of the art way of getting these observations is by using IRAC on the Spitzer Space Telescope. This instrument was not designed to reach the precision required to conduct these observations. However, it is possible to push IRAC to detect the secondary eclipse. It has been used for nearly 10 year to observe secondary eclipses of a handful of exoplanets. The data are strongly affected by systematic errors which can limit the accuracy that we can measure the depth of the eclipse, as well as other parameters that can be derived from the lightcurve. In this talk I discuss the way that the WASP group analyses these data and describe a method of signal injection that can help in determining more realistic error bars on the time of mid eclipse and the eclipse depth. The two are fundamental parameters that come out of these observations. I also describe the work I would like to conduct as a postdoctoral research assistant once I have completed my PhD.

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