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Wednesday 15 Oct 2014The Dynamic Evolution of Active-Region-Scale Magnetic Flux tubes in the Turbulent Solar Convective Envelope

Dr Maria Weber - University of Exeter

Physics, 4th floor 11:00-12:00

Sunspots are observable manifestations of solar magnetic fields, thus providing a photospheric link to the deep-seated dynamo mechanism. However, the manner by which bundles of magnetic field, or flux tubes, traverse the convection zone to eventual emergence at the solar surface is not well understood. To provide a connection between dynamo-generated magnetic fields and active regions, we have performed simulations of magnetic flux emergence through the bulk of a turbulent, solar convective envelope by employing a thin flux tube model subject to interaction with flows taken from a hydrodynamic convection simulation computed through the Anelastic Spherical Harmonic (ASH) code. Utilizing the results from our simulations, we will (i) comment on the role convection plays in the dynamic evolution of active-region-scale flux tubes, (ii) attempt to constrain the magnetic field strength at which the solar dynamo may be operating, and (iii) provide a possible explanation for the active longitude phenomenon, longitudinal spans of preferred flux emergence, on solar-like stars.

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