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Wednesday 30 Jul 2014Florian Debras and Pierre Mourier

Florian Debras and Pierre Mourier - University of Exeter (summer internship)

Physics, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

20 minute talks by Florian Debras and Pierre Mourier detailing their work in Exeter over the summer.

Florian Debras:
"Oscillations in stars and giant planets : application on Jupiter
During this internship I worked on the radial and non-radial oscillations of planets and stars. Such oscillations can be theoretically highlighted by perturbing at the first order the hydrostatic equilibrium of a self gravitating celestial object. This kind of approach is quite common and often complemented by observations in order to try to improve our knowledge of the inner composition of stars and is known as asteroseismology. Nevertheless it is more difficult to adapt it to planets where observations are more difficult due to a lower size and where the interior models are less reliable. But, thanks to Gaulme et al., in 2011 we had the first evidence proving the existence of oscillations in Jupiter. Thus I developed a numerical program based on the method exposed by Unno to resolve these perturbed equations and then apply it on a model of Jupiter where the equilibrium data, calculated in a hundred points, were based on the work of Chabrier et al. The obtained results lead to have a higher number of numerical data that, coupled with an improvement of the observations, could help us to improve and understand better the composition of giant planets."

Pierre Mourier:
"Radiative transfer in cloud-free atmospheres of cold brown dwarfs and exoplanets"

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