Wave theory and spatial transformations

This research theme encompasses:

  • Application of spatial transformation theory to electromagnetic and acoustic problems
  • Theory of metasurfaces
  • Theory of light propagation in complex media
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Current projects and academic expertise

StudentResearch projectSupervisors
(University of Exeter)
Rachel Lennon Towards flexible micro-endoscopy: compressive characterisation and control of light propagation through multi-mode optical fibres

Dr Dave Phillips

Dr Jacopo Bertolotti

Past projects

StudentProject title

(University of Exeter)

Christopher King Using complex coordinates in optics Dr Simon Horsley

Dr Thomas Philbin

Research case study: Designing reflectionless media

Our research is concerned with theoretically designing inhomogeneous media with suppressed reflection. Such materials may be useful as anti-reflection coatings for lenses, such as can be found on glasses, and may also be useful in the development of cloaking, where an object can be hidden by bending the path of light around it.

We consider media whose permittivity ε varies smoothly in space, and it is the nature of this variation that determines the relative amount of reflection, transmission and absorption. It is possible to construct such graded-index media using metamaterials.

Christopher King, Cohort 2014

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