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Modification of Charge Carrier Mobility by Strong Light-Matter Coupling in Organic and Inorganic Semiconductors OSA Publishing
Low Temperature Annealing Improves the Electrochromic and Degradation Behavior of Tungsten Oxide (WOx) Thin Films Journal of Physical Chemistry C
On the extraordinary optical transmission in parallel plate waveguides for non-TEM modes Optics Express
Mimicking glide symmetry dispersion with coupled slot metasurfaces Applied Physics Letters
Designer surface plasmon dispersion on a one-dimensional periodic slot metasurface with glide symmetry Optics Letters
Zero reflection and transmission in graded index media Journal of Optics
Theory of linear spin wave emission from a Bloch domain wall Physical Review B
A highly attenuating and frequency tailorable annular hole phononic crystal for surface acoustic waves Nature Communications
Direct observation of topological surface-state arcs in photonic metamaterials Nature Communications
2D Material Liquid Crystals for Optoelectronics and Photonics Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Theoretical and experimental exploration of finite sample size effects on the propagation of surface waves supported by slot arrays Physical Review B
Dynamic susceptibility of concentric permalloy rings with opposite chirality vortices Journal of Applied Physics
Fast and Highly Sensitive Ionic-Polymer-Gated WS2–Graphene Photodetectors Advanced Materials
Perfect Transmission through Disordered Media Physical Review Letters
Non-classical correlations of multiply scattered light OSA Technical Digest (online)
Magnetically controlled ferromagnetic swimmers Scientific Reports
Dynamic in-situ sensing of fluid-dispersed 2D materials integrated on microfluidic Si chip Scientific Reports
Role of Charge Traps in the Performance of Atomically Thin Transistors Advanced Materials


Resonantly induced transparency for metals with low angular dependence Applied Physics Letters
Time-resolved imaging of magnetic vortex dynamics using holography with extended reference autocorrelation by linear differential operator Scientific Reports
Fast High-Responsivity Few-Layer MoTe2 Photodetectors Advanced Optical Materials
Fluid Mobility over Corrugated Surfaces in the Stokes Regime Physics of Fluids
Holographic imaging of magnetization in a single layer nano-contact spin transfer oscillator IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Computationally efficient analysis of extraordinary optical transmission through infinite and truncated subwavelength hole arrays Physical Review E
Time-resolved scanning Kerr microscopy of flux beam formation in hard disk write heads Journal of Applied Physics
Homogeneously bright, flexible and foldable lighting devices with functionalised graphene electrodes ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Design of practicable phase-change metadevices for near-infrared absorber and modulator applications Optics Express
On the origin of pure optical rotation in twisted-cross metamaterials Scientific Reports
Wave Propagation in complex coordinates Journal of Optics
Graphene Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Properties and Biological Applications

Reference Module in Materials

Science and Materials Engineering

Quantum correlation of light scattered by disordered media Optics Express


Synthesis and Characterization of Water Soluble Self-passivated Graphene Quantum dots for biological applications IEEE conference proceeding
Compact Broadband Terahertz Perfect Absorber Based on Multi-Interference and Diffraction Effects

IEEE Transactions On Terahertz Science

And Technology

Time-resolved phoionisation spectroscopy of mixed Rydberg-valence states: indole case study Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics