Research visit: Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics, Glasgow

In April 2017 I visited the Fraunhofer Center of Applied Photonics in Glasgow to get a better idea of what working in industry is like. My research project is not directly associated with industry at the moment, and I was grateful for the opportunity to choose another short term project in optics offered by David Stothart, leader of the research group I worked in at Fraunhofer.

I decided to go for the project involving the building up of a ring cavity laser. It really was a great experience; I learned a lot about lasers and their technicalities, I was even able to build a nice working one and only then realised how challenging that is!
I met new people who made me feel very welcome and like a member of the group. I liked that the work is more customer oriented than in academia, quite a different motivation to go about projects!

In short, I found this experience very useful to learn new skills and gain understanding of different pathways for the time after completing my PhD. I would definitely recommend such a research visit.