Biological and bio-inspired metamaterials

This research theme encompasses:

  • Exploration of metastructures in wingscales and insect cuticles
  • Biomimetics of natural photonic structures
  • Use of nanocellulose to provide biodegradable optical metamaterials
  • Magneto-elastic membranes

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Current projects and academic expertise

StudentResearch projectSupervisors

(University of Exeter)

Narima Eerqing Testing fluctuation relations of conformal changes of biomolecules


Professor Frank Vollmer


Dr Janet Anders


Joe Morgan Lightweight, transparent and sustainable metamaterials

Professor Yanqui Zhu

Professor Monica Craciun


Wai Jue Tan Photosynthetic Metamaterials

Professor Bill Barnes

Dr Isaac Luxmoore

Dr Phillip Thomas

Past projects

 StudentResearch project 


(University of Exeter)
 Joshua Hamilton  Magnetically actuated bio-inspired metamaterials

Dr Feodor Ogrin

Dr Peter Petrov

Research case study: Magnetically actuated bio-inspired metamaterials

"In this work, we explore the experimental verification of a new class of autonomous ferromagnetic swimming devices, actuated and controlled solely by an oscillating magnetic field. The devices are comprised of a pair of interacting ferromagnetic particles (one NdFeB and one Fe) coupled together by a silicone rubber link."

Joshua Hamilton, Cohort 2014

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