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Photo of Mr Simon Jones

Mr Simon Jones



I am a PhD student based at the University of Exeter, and part of the NERC GW4+ Doctoral Training Partnership

The current focus of my PhD is to understand and model the role that Non-Structural Carbohydrates play in the stress resilience of tropical forests.

Plants store pools of labile carbon collectively known as Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC). NSCs allow plants to maintain function (eg. respiration and growth) when the supply of carbon from photosynthesis is insufficent. They play an important role in the resilience of forests to environmental stresses such as drought, that can cause significant reductions in photosynthesis. Despite this, NSC storage is missing from most large-scale ecosystem models and consequently most models fail to accurately capture the response of forests to extreme or prolonged environmental stress.

My aim is to develop a mathematical model of NSC storage that can be used within a large-scale ecosystem model, to improve projections of tropical forest behaviour and constrain future climate predictions.


Anna Harper (lead)
Lucy Rowland (secondary)

Education Background:

2017-present: PhD Mathematics, University of Exeter

2013-2017: M.Sc Natural Sciences, University of Exeter. Masters Project title: A Twelve Dimensional and Energy Conserving Model of Rayleigh Benard Convection in an Expanded Parameter Space


Laver Building Room 901
North Park Road