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Photo of Dr Ruth Geen

Dr Ruth Geen

Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 723612

Extension: (Streatham) 3612

I’m a Research Fellow in the Exeter Climate Systems group. I am working with Hugo Lambert and Geoff Vallis on the Climate Science for Service Partnership: China project, which aims to improve climate services over China. Having arrived in Exeter in January 2016, I am currently researching the large-scale dynamics involved in the East Asian monsoon. By running simulations where land-surface characteristics and topography are varied, I hope to improve understanding of the key controls on the monsoon, and how this high impact system may change in the future.


Other work and interests

  • Latent heat feedbacks onto climate 

Before coming to Exeter, I studied for my PhD in the Space and Atmospheric Physics group at Imperial College London, supervised by Arnaud Czaja and Joanna Haigh. My work there investigated the effects of latent heat release by water vapour on the climate system in aquaplanet models, in particular the effects on heat transport by midlatitude storms. My PhD thesis can be found here. 

  • Simple radiation scheme

As part of my PhD work, I developed a simple three band radiation scheme for the MITgcm. This accounts for water vapour and carbon dioxide, and separates the spectrum into shortwave, longwave window, and longwave non-window components, providing a more realistic alternative to using fixed optical depths, while still being fast to run. During a visit to MIT, working with John Marshall, in November 2015 I helped to incorporate this into the model source code repository, and it is available here.



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