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Mr Oliver Stoner



Telephone: 01392 726403

Extension: (Streatham) 6403

I am a PhD student on the NERC GW4+ DTP programme.

Correcting Under-Reporting (2016-Present)

This work is currently undergoing peer-review.  

Household Air Pollution (2017-Present)

Starting in the summer of 2017 I have worked with Prof. Gavin Shaddick and the World Health Organisation to develop a global Bayesian hierarchical model for the usage of specific polluting fuels for household cooking. The purpose of the model is to predict missing values for the usage of specific fuels, for years and countries in which surveys only recorded the usage of any polluting versus any clean fuel. We hope to publish an article detailing this in the coming year.

Spatio-temporal Rainfall Model (2017-Present)

My PhD project, supervised by Dr. Theo Economou, Prof. Dragan Savic and Dr. Thorsten Wenger aims to develop a probabilistic spatio-temporal rainfall model for input into probabilistic flood and drainage models. Intended aims for the model include:

  • Fine resolution for input into urban flood models
  • Rigorous treatment of uncertainty
  • Capable of representing well extreme rainfall levels
  • Incorporation of simplified physical rainfall properties




Oliver Stoner, Theo Economou and Gabriela Drummond (Revisions ongoing). A Hierarchical Framework for Correcting Under-Reporting in Count Data.

Oliver Stoner (2018). Correcting Under-Reporting in Historical Volcano Data. Proceedings of the 33rd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (volume 1).