Photo of Dr Carolina Duran Rojas

Dr Carolina Duran Rojas

JULES users


In this page you will find the people who are using JULES for their research. For more information on how to run JULES, please follow this link




Arthur Argles Maths
Richard Betts Geography
Chantelle Burton Geography
Sarah Chadburn Maths
Peter Cox Maths
Andrew Cunliffe Geography
Taraka Davies-Barnard Maths
Pierre Friedlingstein Maths
Anna Harper Maths
Simon Jones Maths
Tim Jupp Maths
Hugo Lambert Maths
Tim Lenton Geography
Felix Leung Geography
Emma Littleton Geography
Lina Mercado Geography
Catherine Morfopoulos Maths
Andre (Mahdi) Nakhavali Maths
Tom Powell Geography
Paul Ritchie Maths
Lucy Rowland Geography
Sarah Shannon Geography
Stephen Sitch Geography
Nadine Unger Maths
Michael O'Sullivan Maths
Rayanne Vitali Maths
Huiyi Yang Maths