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Photo of Dr Kirsty Wan

Dr Kirsty Wan

ERC Starting Grantee, Senior Lecturer


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Office: T03.09, Living Systems Institute.

Twitter: @micromotility

Postdocs and PhD studentships are available in my group, informal enquiries welcome. 

We are currently recruiting a postdoctoral research fellow (application deadline 25 Mar 2021) - apply here

Overview: My main research interests concern microscale appendages called cilia, also known as eukaryotic flagella, which are evolutionarily ancient. We are pioneering novel biophysical approaches to understanding their form and function in diverse species. I was awarded an Academy of Medical Sciences Springboard Award in 2018 for a project on the biomechanics of motile cilia, and an ERC Starting Grant in 2019 to study how single-celled lifeforms control their movement. 

See my personal webpage for more information and the latest preprints from my group. 

Biography: I obtained my BA, MMath, and PhD degrees from the University of Cambridge. From 2014 to 2017 I was a Thomas Nevile Junior Research Fellow at Magdalene College. In 2017 I joined the University of Exeter as research fellow and group leader at the Living Systems Institute, where I am currently senior research fellow and senior lecturer (proleptic) at the department of mathematics. 

Keywords: mathematical biology, dynamical systems, biological physics, quantitative biology, image processing, pattern recognition, cell biology, microscopy, phenomenological modelling, low Reynolds number fluid dynamics.

My Erdös number = 4. 
Wan (4) - Goldstein (3) - Moffat (2) - Lorentz (1) - Erdös (0)