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Photo of Prof James Screen

Prof James Screen


Current members

Holly Ayres. Holly started her PhD in 2017. Her project focusses on the climate response to projected Antarctic sea-ice loss. She is co-supervised by Mat Collins and Tom Bracegirdle (British Antarctic Survey).

Amber Walsh. Amber joined in 2019 to start her PhD on interactions between tropical and polar climate variability. She is co-supervised by Adam Scaife, Doug Smith (Met Office) and Tom Bracegirdle (British Antarctic Survey).

Ned Williams. Ned started a PhD in 2020 on the benefit of very high resolution for climate predictions, working with Adam Scaife.

Former members

Russell Blackport. Russell researched links between Arctic sea-ice loss and midlatitude weather and climate. He moved to the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis in 2020.

Michelle McCrystall. Michelle's research focussed on teleconnections between the tropics and the Arctic. She moved to the University of Manitoba in 2020.

James Warner. James completed his PhD in 2020, titled "Causality of the link between autumn Arctic sea ice and the winter extratropical atmosphere", before joining the UK Met Office.

Michael Kelleher. Mike worked on the drivers of European weather variability, in particular Arctic sea ice. He moved to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2019.

Joe Osborne. Joe worked on the drivers of European weather variability, in particular Atlantic Ocean SST, before taking a job at the UK Met Office in 2019.