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Photo of Prof Ian Jolliffe

Prof Ian Jolliffe

Honorary Visiting Professor


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Professor Ian Jolliffe is an Honorary Visiting Professor in EMPS. He took early retirement in 2004 from the University of Aberdeen, where he is Professor Emeritus and where he spent 12 years as Professor of Statistics before his retirement. Before Aberdeen, he was Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer, in Statistics at the University of Kent for 22 years, apart from two one-year visiting posts at Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph in Canada.

He gained his PhD in Statistics in 1970, and has been an active teacher and researcher in Applied Statistics since then. His thesis was on variable selection in principal component analysis (PCA), and topics related to PCA have formed a substantial strand of his research throughout his career. The second edition of his book "Principal Component Analysis" published in 2002, is probably the most comprehensive text on the subject and has more than 28000 citations.

He has a long-standing interest in applications of Statistics to atmospheric science, and has jointly edited a book on Forecast Verification with David Stephenson. Forecast verification is now one of his main research interests. A second edition of the book appeared in 2012, and a Chinese translation in 2016. He has co-authored two other books and has over 90 other publications; roughly one third of these are directly related to applications in climate or weather. He has successfully supervised 22 research students, 18 of them at PhD level.

He lives at Gurnard on the Isle of Wight and keeps healthy and sane with a little light dinghy sailing and a diminishing amount of running.

A full list of all his publications is available if required.