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Photo of Miss Holly Ayres

Miss Holly Ayres



Telephone: 01392 722251

Extension: (Streatham) 2251

I am currently a third year PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Exeter. My current area of research is in understanding the impacts of future Antarctic sea ice trends. A better understanding of the dynamics of Antarctic sea ice can lead to improved predictions in coupled climate models, thus, an improved understanding of the effects of sea ice trends. The impacts of Antarctic sea ice loss is still an open research question with limited published literature on the subject. I am using a combination of multi-model  CMIP5 analysis and forced model runs to answer this question. I am also looking at the difference between coupled and atmospheric only models in regards to the response to Antarctic sea ice loss.

My background before starting this project was primarily in physical oceanography with a small amount of climatology over my degrees. I studied BSc Ocean Science at Plymouth University and MSc Physical Oceanography at Bangor University. My previous research projects have been on submesoscale dynamics in Southern Ocean eddies, leading to a natural progression of interest in polar region dynamics.