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Photo of Dr Gianmario Rinaldi

Dr Gianmario Rinaldi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


I come from a solid interdisciplinary background with a strong interest and passion in energy management, control, and optimisation, with application to complex dynamical systems. The research activity undertaken during my Postdoctoral Research Fellowship is mainly focused on the design and experimental validation (in sea) of advanced information-driven optimal navigation and control strategies for underwater electric vehicles. The designed guidance strategies make use of the predictions from a short-term forecast model, and they are capable of effectively monitoring regions characterised by hazardous phenomenon, such as harmful algae blooms. The Postdoctoral project is also being carried out in collaboration with both staff members affiliated with the Engineering department of the University of Exeter and with outstanding industry partners of marine robotics across the UK, such as Planed Ocean Ltd, MARS-NOC Southampton, SAMS, and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML).  Further details can be found at

Furthermore, I have developed a strong experience in designing and experimental assessing of energy management and monitoring algorithms in modern power grids.