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Photo of Mrs Farzaneh Darki

Mrs Farzaneh Darki

PhD student


I am a mathematics PhD student working under the supervision of Dr James Rankin, and Prof Peter Ashwin. My PhD project investigates the neural dynamics of perceptual competition. I am interested in neural mechanisms and dynamics that contribute to the perception of ambiguous sensory information. I am using mathematical modeling and tools from bifurcation analysis, together with human perceptual experiments to understand underlying mechanisms of perceptual rivalry across different modalities. 

Researchgate page

Google scholar page



Darki F, Rankin J, (2020) Perceptual rivalry with vibrotactile stimuli, bioarxiv preprint

Darki F, Rankin J, (2020) Methods to assess binocular rivalry with periodic stimuli, Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience


Source code for the model in Methods to assess binocular rivalry with periodic stimuli is available at the GitHub repository farzaneh-darki/Darki2020_methods