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Photo of Mr Daniel Williams

Mr Daniel Williams



Telephone: 01392 725280

Extension: (Streatham) 5280

I am a PhD student interested in the circulation of planetary atmospheres, with particular focus on the dynamics of Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Unlike most terrestrial planets and moons in our Solar System, Titan possesses a thick atmosphere (thicker than Earth's) composed primarily of nitrogen and methane. There is evidence of an active methane cycle, analogous to the water cycle we are familiar with at home. The temperatures on Titan however are much colder than on Earth (around -180 C), and the day/year cycle is incredibly long in comparison. I will be investigating how the dynamics on Titan differ by using the modular climate model Isca developed here in Exeter, under the supervision of Prof. Geoff Vallis, Dr. Will Seviour and Dr. Stephen Thomson, and funded by STFC.

Prior to coming to Exeter I studied Physics and Astrophysics (MSci), followed by a postgraduate masters (MSc) in Applied Meteorology and Climatology at the University of Birmingham.