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Williamson, D., Blaker, A., Hampton, C., Salter, J. (2014) Identifying and removing structural biases in climate models with history matching, Climate Dynamics, Available online 10.1007/s00382-014- 2378-z.

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Williamson, D. (2011) Comment on Gramacy, R. B. and Lee, H. K. H. Optimization under unknown constraints Bayesian Statistics 9, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Williamson, D. (2010), Policy making using computer simulators for complex physical systems; Bayesian decision support for the development of adaptive strategies, Ph.D. thesis, Durham University, http://etheses.dur.ac.uk/348/  


Submitted and Accepted

Williamson, D. (2015), Exploratory designs for computer experiments using k-extended Latin Hypercubes, Environmetrics, Accepted.

Williamson, D., Goldstein, M. (2014), Reified Bayesian analyis; extracting meaningful subjective judgements from Bayesian analyses with complex statistical models, Bayesian Analysis, In revision

Salter, J., Williamson, D. (2015) A comparison of statistical emulation methodologies for multi-wave calibration. Inverse Problems, In Submission.

In Preparation

Williamson, D., Vernon, I.R., (2015), Designing for tiny, arbitrarily shaped input spaces: efficient and optimal design in multi-wave computer experiments. In revision  arXiv:1309.3520.

Williamson, D., Blaker, A.T., Sinha, B. (2015) Statistically tuning an ocean GCM with globally aggregated observations. In prep. 

Williamson, D., Goldstein, M. (2015) Using evolving computer models in Bayesian decision support. In Prep.