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Photo of Mr Donald Cummins

Mr Donald Cummins



Telephone: 01392 726403

Extension: (Streatham) 6403

I'm a final-year PhD student in the department of mathematics. My project involves developing statistical methods for detection and attribution of climate change.

Detection and attribution (D&A) aims to identify and quantify the contributions of various forcing factors, natural and anthropogenic, to observed climate change. For my PhD project I have been looking at ways in which established D&A methods might be re-evaluated and improved using the simple physical principle of energy balance.

My project is supervised by professors Peter A. Stott and David B. Stephenson at the University of Exeter. Peter Stott leads the Climate Monitoring and Attribution team at the UK Met Office Hadley Centre. David Stephenson is Director of the Exeter Climate Systems (XCS) research centre.