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Photo of Mr Arthur Argles

Mr Arthur Argles



Telephone: 01392 722223

Extension: (Streatham) 2223

I am a Second year PhD student researching vegetation demography, disturbances and carbon storage under a CASE studentship with the Met Office. Currently developing the Robust Ecosystem Demography (RED)  Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM) for coupling into JULES land surface model.

The terrestrial uptake of carbon dioxide is a large source of uncertainty among Earth System Models (ESMs), especially when land-use change is included. By improving the representation of the size distribution using RED we hope to improve the fidelity of ESMs when it comes to modeling disturbances (drought, fire and land-use etc.)  and the resultant regrowth on a global scale. 


Peter Cox (Primary)*

Pierre Friedlingstein (Secondary)

Andy Wiltshire (Met Office)

Jon Moore*

*RED developers.

Education Background

BSc Physics, University of Kent 2016

MSc Financial Mathematics, University of Exeter 2017