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Mathematics staff

Here we feature profiles of staff members from Mathematics. Please refer to the College Professional Services staff list for Professional Services staff.

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Academic staff

Dr Ozgur Akman Senior Lecturer
Dr Hamid Alemi Ardakani Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Julio Andrade Associate Professor
Professor Peter Ashwin Professor
Professor Mark P. Baldwin Professor of Climate Science
Professor Bob Beare Associate Professor Mathematics
Professor Mitchell Berger Professor
Professor Vadim N Biktashev Professor
Dr Niklas Boers Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (E&R)- Global S
Professor Roman Borisyuk Professor in Mathematics
Dr John Bruun Lecturer in Mathematics (E & S)
Professor Nigel Byott Associate Professor of Pure Mathematics
Dr Mark Callaway Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Jennifer Catto Senior Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Robin Chadwick Lecturer (E&R) (GSI)
Professor Peter Challenor Professor
Dr Ilaria Colazzo Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Professor Mat Collins Professor of Climate Change
Dr Barrie Cooper Director of Digitally Enhanced Learning
Professor Peter Cox Professor - Climate System Dynamics
Dr Jen Creaser MRC Research Fellow
Dr Saptarshi Das Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (E&R)
Dr Valentina Di Proietto Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
Dr Theo Economou Senior Lecturer in Statistical Science (E&R)
Dr Dorottya Fekete Lecturer in Data Science and Statistics
Dr Christopher Ferro Senior Lecturer in Statistics
Dr Claire Foullon Senior Lecturer
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein Chair, Mathematical Modelling of Climate Systems
Professor Andrew Gilbert Professor
Dr Marc Goodfellow Senior Lecturer
Dr Layal Hakim Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (E&S)
Dr Anna Harper Senior Lecturer, Climate Science
Professor Jim Haywood Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dr Jacqueline Herbert Teaching Assistant
Professor Andrew Hillier Associate Professor
Professor Mark Holland Associate Professor
Dr Tim Hughes Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Henri Johnston Associate Professor
Dr Tim Jupp Senior Lecturer
Professor Mark Kelson Associate Professor of Statistics for Health
Dr Frank Kwasniok Senior Lecturer
Professor F Hugo Lambert Associate Professor
Professor Andreas Langer Professor
Aileen MacGregor Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Stephen J. Maher Lecturer
Dr James Manners Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Gihan Marasingha Director of Education, Senior Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Joanne Mason Senior Lecturer
Dr Doug McNeall Lecturer in Global Systems
Dr Houry Melkonian Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Markus Mueller Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Dr Daniel Partridge Lecturer in Atmospheric Science (E&R)
Dr James Rankin Senior Lecturer
Dr Niall Robinson Senior Lecturer in Global Systems (E&R) (GSI)
Professor Ana Rodrigues Associate Professor (Education and Research)
Professor Mohamed Saidi Professor of Pure Mathematics
Katie Salisbury College Administrative Assistant
Dr James Salter Lecturer
Professor Adam Scaife Professor
Professor James Screen Associate Professor in Climate Science
Dr William Seviour Senior Lecturer
Professor Gavin Shaddick Chair of Data Science & Statistics
Dr Jemma Shipton Lecturer in Mathematics (E&R)
Professor Jan Sieber Associate Professor
Dr Stefan Siegert Lecturer
Professor David B. Stephenson Chair in Statistical Climatology
Professor Peter Stott Professor
Dr Stephen Thomson Lecturer
Professor John Thuburn Professor
Professor Stuart Townley Professor in Applied Mathematics
Professor Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova Professor of Mathematics for Healthcare
Dr Jimmy Tseng Senior Lecturer (E&R)
Professor Geoffrey Vallis Professor
Dr Jamie Walker Lecturer - Mathematics
Dr Kirsty Wan ERC Starting Grantee, Senior Lecturer
Dr Helen Webster Lecturer in Global Systems
Dr Kyle Wedgwood MRC Research Fellow, Lecturer
Professor Daniel Williamson Associate Professor
Dr Mark Williamson Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Professor Beth Wingate Professor
Dr Ben Youngman Senior Lecturer
Professor Keke Zhang Professor

Research staff

Dr Jesse F. Abrams Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Oliver Allanson Senior Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Anderson Industrial Research Fellow
Dr Evan Baker Postgraduate Research Fellow
Ehsan Baninajar Data Scientist
Dr Robin Beaumont Research Fellow
Dr Jonathan Beverley Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr John Bruun Lecturer in Mathematics (E & S)
Dr Paul Burns Research Fellow
Dr Jehangir Cama Industry Research Fellow
Dr Pauline Campos Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Sarah Chadburn Research Fellow
Robert Challen
Dr Packard Chan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Ying Chen Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ilaria Colazzo Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Greg Colyer Research Fellow
Dr Dario Cortese Postdoctoral Research Associate (LSI)
Dr Jen Creaser MRC Research Fellow
Dr Laura Currie Research Fellow
Dr Lilly Damany-Pearce Graduate Research Fellow
Dr Taraka Davies-Barnard Associate Research Fellow
Dr Carolina Duran Rojas Software Engineer
Dr Georgios Efstathiou Senior Research Fellow/Proleptic Lecturer
Dr Ben Evans Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Andrea Ferrario Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Diane Fraser Scientific Programmer
Dr Daniel Galvis Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ruth Geen Research Fellow
Dr Oli Gregory Research Fellow
Dr Eric Grist KTP Research
Dr Shenan Grossberg Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Matt Hawcroft Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Henry Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Yolanda Hill Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Arran Hodgkinson
Thomas Hutton PhD Student
Dr Brandon M. Invergo Research Fellow
Charlie Jeynes Research Fellow
Dr Iva Kavcic Associate Research Fellow
Dr Louise Kimpton Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Bram Kuijper Research Fellow
Petroula Laiou Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ju Liang Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Zixia Liu Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Penelope Maher Research Fellow
Dr Stephen J. Maher Lecturer
Dr Florent Malavelle Research Fellow
Dr Christopher Marcotte Research Fellow
Dr William McIntyre Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Hossein Mohammadi Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Jon Moore Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Julian Newman Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Michael O'Sullivan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Lea Oljaca Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Fanny Peers Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jake Pitt Research Fellow
Tom Powell
Dr Matthew Priestley Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Monisha Natchiar Subbiah Renganathan Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Paul Ritchie Postgraduate Research Fellow
Dr James Salter Lecturer
Dr Philip Sansom Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Hannah Laeverenz Schlogelhofer
Dr Denis Sergeev Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Pawel Sierocinski Associate Research Fellow
Dr Piotr Slowinski Research Fellow
Dr Ben Snow Postdoc Researcher
Dr Jack Spencer Industrial Research Fellow
Dr Oliver Stoner Research Fellow
Patricia Thomas MRC Skills Development Fellowship (LSI)
Matthew Thomas
Dr Asha Vijayeta Postdoctoral Research Associate
Margaritis Voliotis Research Fellow
Dr Chen Wang Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Kyle Wedgwood MRC Research Fellow, Lecturer
Dr Mark Williamson Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Bert Wuyts Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Xiaoyu Xiong Associate Research Fellow
Dr Tanja Zerenner Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Ali A Postgraduate
Asim Alawfi
Thoraya Alharthi Postgraduate
Mohammed Alharthi Postgraduate
Saleh Alharthi Postgraduate
Mofareh Alhazmi Postgraduate
Maram Ali Postgraduate
Sam Allen Postgraduate
Mesfer Almalki Postgraduate
Ibrahim Alraddadi Postgraduate
Theyab Alrashdi Postgraduate
Yasser Alrashedi Postgraduate
Mohammed Alsubhi Postgraduate
Tim Andrews Postgraduate
Arthur Argles Postgraduate
Holly Ayres Postgraduate
Emma Bailey Postgraduate
Dr Evan Baker Postgraduate Research Fellow
Hibah Bashaykh Postgraduate
Chris Best Postgraduate
Cassandra Bird Postgraduate
Kevin Bolton Postgraduate
Paul Bowen Postgraduate
Edward Branford Postgraduate
Florence Alice Brown Postgraduate
Ross Castle Postgraduate
Dr Robert Challen Postgraduate
Ruth Chapman Postgraduate
Xiaoqing Chen Postgraduate
Joe Clarke Postgraduate
Noah Cockram Postgraduate
Alberto Corato Postgraduate
Daneen Cowling Postgraduate
Donald Cummins Postgraduate
Farzaneh Darki PhD student
Andrew Darlington Postgraduate
Madhuparna Das Postgraduate
Leon Debell Postgraduate
Surabhi Desai Postgraduate
Michael Dunne Postgraduate
Dominic Dunstan Postgraduate
Rosie Eade Postgraduate
Theo Edwards Postgraduate
Chris Fenton Postgraduate
Fabio Ferri Postgraduate
Cameron Ferwerda Postgraduate
Elizabeth Galloway Postgraduate
Azza Al Gatheem Postgraduate
Sina M.H. Hajkarim Postgraduate
Alba Halliday Postgraduate
Nell Hartney Postgraduate
Aisha Mousa A Al Hayzea Postgraduate
Susannah Hearn Postgraduate
Nathan Hughes Postgraduate
Thomas Hutton PhD Student
Sian Hyland Postgraduate
Simon Jones Postgraduate
John Kealy Postgraduate
Duncan Kennedy Postgraduate
Paul Kim Postgraduate
Dr Louise Kimpton Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Charlie Kirkwood Postgraduate
Joanna L'Heureux Postgraduate
Timothy Lam Postgraduate
Bonnie Liefting Postgraduate
Qun Liu Postgraduate
Alex Loader Postgraduate
Guy Lomax Postgraduate Researcher
Joe MacMillan Postgraduate
Megan Maunder Postgraduate
Brett McKim Postgraduate
Rebecca Millington Postgraduate
Jordan Moore Postgraduate
Giulia Murtas Postgraduate
Harry Mutton Postgraduate
Abhi Navaneethanathan Postgraduate
Femke Nijsse Postgraduate
Trish Nowak Postgraduate
Martin Osborne Postgraduate
John Osei Postgraduate
Laura Owen Postgraduate
Xingzuo Pan Postgraduate
Deepak Kumar Panda Postgraduate
Alexander Paterson Postgraduate
Zoe Plain Postgraduate
Aigerim Saken Postgraduate
George Samways Postgraduate
Monty Sant Postgraduate
Maria Schewenius Postgraduate
Asma'a Shamesaldeen Postgraduate
Sara Sjosten Postgraduate
Kevin Smith Postgraduate
Noah Smith Postgraduate
Ammarah Tariq Postgraduate
Emanuele Tovazzi Postgraduate
Midhun Parakkal Unni Postgraduate
Rebecca Varney Postgraduate
Amber Walsh Postgraduate
Gaby Wang Postgraduate
Ke Wang Postgraduate
Liam Watts Postgraduate
Mark Webb Postgraduate
Ernst Werner Postgraduate
Alexander West Postgraduate (part-time)
Gareth Willetts Postgraduate
Daniel Williams Postgraduate
Ned Williams Postgraduate
Nicola Wilson Postgraduate
Freddy Wordingham Postgraduate
Wenzhe Xu Postgraduate
Michael Yiasemides Postgraduate

Honorary staff

Professor Trevor Bailey Emeritus Professor of Applied Statistics
Dr Irina V. Biktasheva Honorary Senior Lecturer
Professor Steve Brooks Honorary Professor
Richard Clement Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Suparna DuttaSinha Royal Society- SERB Newton International Fellow
Pezhman Ebrahimzadeh
Dr Veronika Eyring Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Birgir Hrafnkelsson Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Ian Jolliffe Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Wojtek Krzanowski Emeritus Professor
Dr Olga Podvigina Honorary University Fellow
Professor Dame Julia Slingo Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Andrew Soward Emeritus Professor
Dr Matthew Watkins Honorary University Fellow
Professor Nigel Wood Honorary Visiting Professor
Dr Mehmet Yavuz Postdoctoral Research Associate

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