The RACEWIN Research Team

University of Exeter (Exeter Climate Systems)

Professor David Stephenson

Professor David Stephenson is the joint Met Office Chair in the Statistical Analysis of Weather and Climate, and the director of the Exeter Climate Systems research centre which is part of the mathematics research institute of the University of Exeter. His research involves the development and application of advanced statistical methodologies for better understanding climate variations and improving quality of weather and climate forecasts. A highly cited author, he has published over 100 papers in high quality journals and has an extensive experience in windstorm related research.

Dr Christopher Ferro

Dr Chris Ferro is senior lecturer in statistical science, with expertise in extreme value statistics and interests in developing statistical methods for climate sciences; describing and understanding the changing risks of extreme weather events; improving probabilistic weather forecasts; quantifying and understanding forecast quality.

Dr Theodoros Economou

Dr Theodoros Economou is the RACEWIN postdoc. His PhD involved modelling point processes with a latent structure such as hidden semi-Markov non-homogeneous processes. He has a strong background in statistical modelling and computational statistics.

Met Office

Ruth McDonald

Ruth McDonald is senior climate scientist and an expert in etra-tropical and tropical cyclones. Her main area of research involves understanding the mechanisms of climate change by analysing changes in extra-tropical and tropical cyclones in global coupled ocean-atmosphere models and in atmosphere models forced with enhanced sea surface temperatures. She is also involved in assessing the simulation of storms in climate models.

Dr Lynsey McColl

Dr Lynsey McColl comes from a statistical background. Her main focus is working with the energy industry to adapt to climate change. A member of the Energy Phase 2 team, an innovative project sponsored by the entire energy sector, Lynsey examined the resilience of the electricity network to weather. In addition she works with UKCIP providing scientific support for the recently launched UK Climate Projections.

Dr Simon Brown

Dr Simon Brown is Lead Scientist and Climate Extremes Research Manager at the UK Met Office.  He has vast experience in investigating all aspects of climatic extremes (temperature, rainfall, drought and windstorms) including past climate, present changes and future prediction under a changing climate.  His team at the Met Office has specifically looked at how windstorm track and characteristics could alter into the future.

Dr Matt Huddleston

Dr Matt Huddleston is Principal Consultant on Climate Change at the Met Office, and as a business manager, consults primarily for the insurance industry.  His expertise is in climate forecasting systems and risk-based forecasting - having previously been a science manager in the Met Office Hadley Centre.  He co-authored a report on costs of climate change for the Association of British Insurers with AIR Worldwide and Simon Brown, which included projections of changes in wind storms for the UK.