European Windstorm Research Network (EUWIRN)

A particular RACEWIN deliverable is the creation of a European windstorm research network to integrate European research effort in this vitally important area of climate research. Planned activities include:

  • creating a comprehensive data base of leading scientists and CAT modelers working on European windstorms;
  • inviting these experts to windstorm workshops taking place in year 1 and 3 of the project;
  • creating online tools that will help this community share new ideas about windstorms.

As part of EUWIRN, a storms forum has been created to foster interaction between windstorm experts: the European Windstorm Research Exchange (EUWIRE). Please do subscribe if you are interested in windstorms!

A database of storm related scientists and catastrophe modellers has been created. These scientists were invited to join EUWIRE but also the first RACEWIN worrkshop on the 5th Sep 2011. Here is the relevant list of the various individuals.