Specific objectives

  • Data produced by the Met Office Hadley Centre from both global and regional (European) atmosphere models will be used. The former will anable analysis of large scale driving factors while the former will give an understanding of the hazard (e.g. surfase wind speed) produced by the storms
  • Apply novel statistical approaches (e.g. extreme value models) to assess the dependency between windstorm events. The statistical modelling will allow proper quantification of the efect of clustering and multi-peril dependency on estimates of storm related risk and how it might change in the future.
  • The project will set up a much needed European Windstorm Research Network (EUWIRN) to help consolidate European research in this highly relevant area of climate science. The network will help bring together leading European scientists in storm research together with experts from catastrophe risk assessment (e.g. AXA).
 In 2010, windstorm Xynthia swept through France on the heels of Wera, causing overlapping footprints of damaging winds.
(G. Zuba and M. Simic, (2010), European Windstorms: Implications of Storm Clustering on Definitions of Occurrence Losses, AIR online article)