Occurences of extremem extra-tropical cyclones (1979-2009) over the atlantic

Exeter Storm Risk group

The Exeter Storm Risk group is part of the Exeter Climate Systems research centre. Since 1998, members of the group have established a world-renowned track record in the quantification of risk due hydro-meteorological hazards responsible for large insurance losses and in the visualisation and communication of the associated uncertainty.

Professor David B. Stephenson Professor
Dr Christopher Ferro Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Holland Senior Lecturer

The main topics of our research are:

  • windstorms (intense extratropical cyclones);
  • hurricanes and tyhoons (intense tropical cyclones);
  • extreme rainfall;
  • floods.

Our interdisciplinary approach is based on concepts and techniques from dynamical systems theory, extreme value theory, climate science, and spatial statistics. The aim of our research activity is to help improve fundamental understanding and prediction of severe weather and its interaction with society.