Postdoctoral opportunities

We welcome enquiries from final-year PhD students and early-career researchers who would like to conduct postdoctoral research at Exeter Climate Systems. Mathematicians and statisticians keen to develop their research for applications in the climate sciences, or environmental and climate scientists keen to develop mathematical and statistical approaches in their field are particularly encouraged to contact us.

Collaboration between Exeter Climate Systems and  the Met Office and specifically the Met Office Hadley Centre (also in Exeter) is unparalleled: three of our professors are co-funded by the University and the Met Office. We are also part of the UK's National Centre for Atmospheric Science and of the Willis Research Network. Furthermore, climate change is one of five themes due to receive £30 million from the University's new science strategy.

If you are interested in working here then please contact us to discuss your research interests. We have no special fund to employ postdoctoral researchers but if your plans fit with Exeter Climate Systems then we shall apply to appropriate funding bodies to support your research. We look forward to hearing from you!