About us

Exeter Climate Systems is an innovative interdisciplinary research centre located within the mathematics research institute at the University of Exeter. Exeter Climate Systems is a world-leading centre for research at the frontier of mathematics/statistics and climate science. The centre’s main themes of research are:

  • Storm risk - stochastic modelling of tropical and extra-tropical cyclones relevant to natural catastrophe risk (Lead: Prof. David Stephenson);
  • Prediction and evaluation - new approaches for constructing probabilistic forecasts of weather and climate and methods for the evaluation of weather and climate prediction systems (Lead: Prof. Mat Collins/Dr Chris Ferro).
  • Environment and health - statistical modelling of how weather and climate forecasts can be incorporated into disease risk prediction models to assist in public health decision making (Lead: Prof. Trevor Bailey);
  • Improving weather and climate models - developing the next generation of numerical weather prediction models (Lead: Prof. John Thuburn);
  • Climate dynamics – integrated modelling of key processes in the carbon and water cycles and quantifying the role of aerosols in climate (Lead: Prof. Peter Cox);
  • Statistical Science - research at the interface of statistics and environmental science relevant to real world problems (Lead: Prof. David Stephenson);

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David Stephenson with book

Exeter Climate Systems has grown rapidly since its creation in 2007 and now consists of 15 academic staff, 11 postdoctoral fellows , and 15 PhD students. Researchers in Exeter Climate Systems successfully develop and apply mathematics/statistics to solve real world problems raised by industrial partners such as the nearby Met Office, the World Bank, and global insurance companies such as Willis. Members are world-renowned for their expertise, for example, four professors are lead authors for the forthcoming 5th IPCC report, several staff are editors in leading journals such as the Quart. Journal of the Royal Met Soc. and J. Climate etc. Exeter Climate Systems is a key node in the University of Exeter’s Climate Change and Sustainable Future’s major science theme.

Prof. David B. Stephenson

Director of Exeter Climate Systems