Our International Advisory Board is made up of internationally leading academics, clinicians and healthcare representatives. The Board ensures that research activities and directions are critically evaluated against international benchmarks. It includes:

  •     John Terry – Professor of Biomedical Modelling, Centre Director
  •     Paul Tiffin – Reader (Associate Professor) in Psychometric Epidemiology, Honorary Consultant in the Psychiatry of Adolescence, University of York
  •     Ya’ara Goldschmidt – Director, Data Modelling, K Health - Haifa, Israel
  •     Mark Cook – Chair of Medicine and Professor and Director of Neurology, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne
  •     Michael Goldstein – Professor of Statistics, Durham University
  •     Carson Chow – Senior Investigator, Laboratory of Biological Modelling, National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  •     Viktor Jirsa – Director of the Institute de Neurosciences des Systèmes, Marseille
  •     Julian Gunn – Professor of Interventional Cardiology, University of Sheffield