Open Data Forum Devon

This is your opportunity to get involved in an early, informal coversation - bringing together those with an interest in the open data agenda - to help discover what data matters to Devon businesses and our communities, and to establish next steps.

This open forum will be informal, and might appeal to:

  • potential holders or publishers of open data (e.g. public sector organisations)
  • anyone that works, or wants to work, with open data
  • anyone with a particular passion as a end-consumer of open data products

Issues to discuss could include, for example:

  • what data is available
  • challenges of publishing data (quality, geography, standards, cost, refresh rate)
  • what is actually useful?
  • data protection
  • what services might local open data drive? Economic benefits? Transparency?
  • next steps...

We'll pull together an informal agenda nearer the time, so if you have any burning issue you would like added, please get in touch.

As a basic example of what could serve as a starter for ten, have a look at: Devon Communities

You can register for this event here.  For more information contact either Kevin Gillick ( / 01392 383000 /@kev_bo) or Tom Dixon ( / 01392 382744 / @tom_s_dixon)

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