Egenis and GARNet Workshop: Making Data Accessible to All

University of Exeter 12-13th July 2012

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Plant scientists are often required to donate data to open access databases (for instance, by the BBSRC data management policy). They are also encouraged to make use of these databases in order to boost their research and speed up discovery. It is not yet clear, however, whether and how these practices are affecting experimentation within the plant sciences, and whether data donation and use on a large scale has been effective in fostering innovative research. The focus of this workshop is to discuss issues surrounding data donation, publication and use from the viewpoint of plant biologists, with the aim to produce a series of recommendations about the problems involved in data dissemination in plant science, which could be used to inform funders/publishers’ policies.

On the first day, participants will discuss issues surrounding data donation and use. On the second day, we will consider how data can and should be disseminated, and examine possible metrics to track data use and thus evaluate the usefulness of data dissemination tools within the plant sciences.

For more information please visit the workshop website:

Or contact one of the organisers: Sabina Leonelli; Ruth Bastow; Irene Lavagi or Berris Charnley

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