These are some of the ideas we've had submitted so far both via the online ideas exchange and from the Ideas Wall at the launch event.

How can we encourage young people to participate?

Masters and PhD student only event or include undergrads too. Less pressure/formality assumed when just students

Organise targeted events for young people aimed at helping them develop skills and connections.

Empower them to organise their own events.

Good talks, free food and drink

Competition for best poster/talk for Masters/PhD students

Facebook group or Twitter

Integrate with YSS

How can ExIStA help you in your work?

Help with relationship building and data gathering for research

Raise the profile of statistics at Exeter internally and externally, helping us to recruit more statistics staff and students.

How should we encourage commercial and public-sector organisations to become involved?

Demonstrate the value of involvement and make connections with the ket decision-makers.

Send round a note to tell major organisations about the launch of ExIStA.

Make contact with local media (Express and Echo, radio, TV) and with local representatives (MP's, Councillors)

Advertise opportunities to win funds for collaborative projects

Promote via local intelligence networks (inDevon) & public health observatory (Swinpho) networks

How could our web site be improved?

Include a searchable database of members and their interests.

Link to it from every College's webpages and personal webpages.

Forum/blog where we can all ask/answer/discuss

Seminars system sounds a great idea

Provide a mechanism to suggest specific (tractable/fundable) questions

Please share the posters online and create a stats gallery

Yes! (see above)

What events, activities or services would you like to see ExIStA organise?

Compile a handbook of members of ExIStA, giving names, contact details, and areas of expertise.

Support the Getstats campaign, which aims to encourage the public to understand the basic ideas of statistics.

Offer some free public lectures (e.g., at the Café Scientifique at the Pheonix), perhaps drawing on the expertise of the RSS Centre for Statistical Education based in Plymouth.

Networking events

Tutorial events to help develop skills

Interesting seminars

Frequent, informal gatherings to meet other statisticians

Video-conferenced talks to maximise participation

Use webstreams to deliver presentations rather than video-conferencing as they may be easier to access for many people. JANET provides this service and most universities are signed up.

Workshop to explain statistics in a manner easily understood by lay-people.

Focussed 1-day workshops to address specific questions. This would hopefully spin off into collaborative work and/or publications.

Lightning talks (open mic for 5 minutes at a time on anything relevant)

Possibility of subgroups to give contacts on more focused areas

How should we finance ExIStA in the long-term?

Membership fees unrealistic, probably.

Central/strategic funding

Doctoral training centre in the region to provide impetus and funding for ExiStA

Sponsorship from member organisations.

Grants for network development

Overheads on research grants

Membership fees and/or fees for individual events