Exeter R Users Group Meeting October 2014

The 4th Exeter R Users Group Event was held at 5pm on Wednesday 29th October 2014 in Lecture Theatre D, Streatham Court, Streatham campus (No 31. on the campus map).

The event compised of the following presentations:

Prof. Simon Wood (Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath): "Smoothing beyond the exponential family: GAMs for survival, ordered categorical, heavy tailed data etc"

Dr. Jane Pragg (University of Exeter Astrophysics Group): "Statistics from Tracer Particles in Turbulent Flows Using R"

Dr. Travis Coan (Politics Department, University of Exeter): "Topic Modeling in R"

For further information on this meeting please visit our Meetup page or contact us via e-mail: exeter.r.users.group@gmail.com.

This activity is a Researcher-Led initiative that has been funded by the University of Exeter Researcher Development Team.