January 2014 General Event

The January 2014 event was held on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 from 4-6pm in Room 219 within the Washington Singer building (No 9. on the campus map).

The event comprised of a series of three 20-minute presentations followed by refreshments and an opportunity to meet other ExIStA members.


Tim Paulden (Atass Sports)

You can NOT be serious! How to build a tennis model in 15 minutes

If you would like more details of Tim's presentation, please contact us direct (events@exista.org)

Phil Sansom (College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences)

Combining information from multiple climate models: Emergent constraints and observational uncertainty

A copy of Phil's slides are available here: PhilSansom.pdf

Craig Knight (Psychology Department and Director of IDR)

Heuristic, hot air and horrible spaces: How statistics light the way to better working and living environments.

A copy of Craig's slides are available here: CraigKnight.pdf

Please contact us at events@exista.org if you have any questions regarding this event.