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Find out more about our mathematics and natural sciences modules on our website:

Registered students can find module information on our intranet:

The table below provides information about our staff members and which modules they teach:

Staff MemberModules
Dr John Brunn MTHM017 | MTHM502 | MTHM503 | MTHM504 | MTHM506 | MTHM507
Dr Jennifer Catto MTH2005 | MTH3001 | MTH3030 | MTHM005
Dr Robin Chadwick  
Professor Mat Collins MTHM040
Professor Peter Cox EMP9001 | MTHM021 | MTHM032 | NSCM001
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein MTH3025 | ECMM410
Dr Anna Harper  
Professor Jim Haywood EMP9001 | NSC3009 | MTHM005
Dr Tim Jupp MTH1002 | MTH3001
Dr James Manners MTHM040
Dr Doug McNeall MTHM504
Dr Daniel Partridge MTH1000 | MTH2005 | NSC3009 | NSCM007 | MTHM005
Professor Adam Scaife MTHM040
Professor James Screen MTH3035 | MTHM007 | MTHM005 | NSCM001
Dr William Seviour MTHM019
Professor Peter Stott MTHM040
Dr Helen Webster MTHM040 | MTHM504