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Engineering Management

The Engineering Management group combines cutting edge research with a close relationship with the industry. Our research expertise covers a wide range of topics: manufacturing systems, industrial modelling, simulation and optimisation, Industry 4.0 technologies, innovation management and engineering education for XXI Century.

Exeter Digital Enterprise Systems (ExDES) lab

Exeter Digital Enterprise Systems (ExDES) lab is a key part of the engineering management research and PGT education, training students to generate and implement multi-disciplinary, advanced, and smart engineering applications in a student-centred, and competence-orientated ways.


  1. An Industry 4.0 demonstrator (FESTO CP lab) which physically consists of several workstations and a universal robot

  2. A multi-platform simulation environment, used to simulate manufacturing, supply chains and logistics, markets, retail, business processes, transportation, and ecosystem dynamics:

    1. AnyLogic software platform – a simulation modelling tool which supports agent-based, discrete event, and system dynamics simulation methodologies
    2. Tecnomatix Plant Simulation – Discrete Event Simulation package, which is used to build a Digital Twin of the Industry 4.0 demonstrator

  3. Connected Curriculum package (provided by Siemens) which brings industrial hardware and software together into an off-the-shelf bundle that includes simulation environments, curriculum examples, case studies, and real-life problem-solving tutorials. It includes MindSphere – an Internet of Things operating system to test Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing related applications such as communication cyber security, cyber physical systems, and digital twins.

The lead of ExDES lab is Prof Voicu Ion Sucala.

Metal 3D Printing (M3DP) laboratory

The Metal 3D Printing (M3DP) lab is located at Exeter Science Park. M3DP lab was fully established and officially came into use in February 2018. The M3DP lab has one office room and the machinery room including four machines:

  • EOS M100 Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS): the machine has a cylinder build chamber (Diam =100mm, H=95mm) and is capable for printing parts in stainless steel and titanium alloy.
  • PFG-1545AH horizontal spindle surface grinder: to flat the printing base for the ESO machine.
  • Vecstar Heat Treatment Furnace: to perform heat treatment on printed parts.
  • Guyson Formula F1200 blast system: to perform finishing operation on printed parts.

Research activities are undertaken in the M3DP lab under four major themes:

  • Additive Manufacturing (AM) mechanism study and process development
  • Lightweight product design based on AM
  • Optimal part design for complex products based on AM
  • Production planning and scheduling for AM

The lead of M3DP lab is Dr Allen He.