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Photo of Dr Yat-Tarng (Tommy) Shyng

Dr Yat-Tarng (Tommy) Shyng

Research Fellow



Tommy Shyng graduated in Textile Engineering from Chinese Culture University, Taiwan in 1999. Research projects on using recycled materials for composite preparation and high perf­ormance fibres (Kevlar, Nomex) paved the way for subsequent studies.

He then proceeded for Master research on PBO fibre (ZYLON) at Chang-Gung University, Taiwan between 1999 and 2001. The project was partly sponsored by Toyobo, Japan and resulted in conference and journal publications. ­

In 2001 Tommy came to UK for his PhD studies at Manchester Materials Science Centre, University of Manchester. The research focused on high performance fibres, Raman spectroscopy, composite interfacial analysis and composite micromechanics.

Between 2006 and 2010 Dr Shyng enganed two PDRA projects. The first one was focusing on carbon nanotube, nano-particles & its compsites and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). It was followed by another project regarding preparation of carbon nano-structures and electrospinning based on natural cellulose polymers.

After pursuing for a higher Management degree at Manchester Business School (2010-2011), in 2012 he joined Exeter Advanced Technologies (X-AT), University of Exeter as an associate research fellow.

Apart from his own research interests in composite materials, Dr Shyng is also the lab manager at X-AT and in charge of equipment operation, health & safety, user training & education and internal/external technical consultancy.