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Photo of Mr Will Ingram

Mr Will Ingram

Postgraduate Researcher


Will graduated from the University of York with an MChem in Chemistry in 2015. His fourth year was spent in Mumbai researching heavy metal pollution in municipal wastewater in India and constructed wetland remediation, in conjunction with IIT Bombay and the University of Mumbai. Since then he spent time at Forum for the Future in London, and was selected for the internship programme at the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi where he researched and wrote policy documents for the Global Wastewater Initiative. He has also worked for a London-based NGO that researches international climate change policy and supports delegations from developing countries at the UN climate change summits.

Will is researching how novel Internet-of-Things technologies can help overcome challenges to rural water supply in sub-Saharan Africa. He is focusing on 'smart meters', which are based on IoT enabled taps, pre-payment mechanisms, and real-time remote data reporting of water usage and breakdowns. He is combining technical, socio-economic and environmental factors of smart meters, and is investigating their effectiveness and potential for novel uses. This research is focused on rural Tanzania and The Gambia.


Selected publications