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Dr Wayne Miller


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  • Abramovitch H. Burgard M, Edery-Azulay L, Evans KE, Hoffmeister M, Miller W, Scarpa F, Smith CW, Tee K. F Smart tetrachiral and hexachiral honeycomb: sensing and impact detection, Composites Science and Technology
  • Alderson A, Alderson KL, Miller W, Attard D, Farrugia PS, Gatt R, Zied KM, Ravirala N, Grima JN, Smith CW, Evans KE The in-plane linear elastic constants of 3-, 4- and 6- connected chiral and antichiral honeycombs, Composites Science and Technology
  • Lorato A, Innocenti P, Scarpa F, Alderson A , Alderson KL, Zied KM , Ravirala N, Miller W, Smith CW, Evans KE The transverse elastic properties of chiral honeycombs, Composites Science and Technology
  • Miller W, Smith CW, Dooling P, Burgess AN, Evans KE Reduced Thermal Stress in Composites via Negative Thermal Expansion Particulate Fillers, Composites Science and Technology
  • Miller W, Smith CW, Mackenzie DS, Evans KE Negative Thermal Expansion Materials: a Review, Journal of Materials Science, pp 5441-5451, vol. 44
  • Miller W, Smith CW, Scarpa F, Evans KE Flatwise buckling optimization of hexachiral and tetrachiral honeycombs, Composites Science and Technology
  • Scarpa F, Miller W, Tee K. F., Hoffmeister M, Burgard M, Smith CW, Alderson A, Grima JN, Evans KE In Plane Elastic Properties of Chiral Honeycombs, Composites Science and Technology


  • Miller, W., Mackenzie, D.S., Smith, C.W., Evans, K.E A Generalised Scale-independent Mechanism for Tailoring of Thermal Expansivity; Positive and Negative, Mechanics of Materials, pp 351-361, vol. 40
  • Miller W, Smith CW, Burgess AN, Dooling PJ, Evans KE Tailored Thermal Expansivity in Particulate Composites for Thermal Stress Management, Physica Status Solidi b, pp 552-556, vol. 245

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