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Prof Stana Zivanovic


Post-doctoral research

If you hold a PhD degree or you are close to completion date, and you are interested in conducting post-doctoral research with Prof. Zivanovic, feel free to contact her and discuss opportunities. Every year, there are competitions for post-doctoral fellowships (e.g. European funding schemes). Other funding opportunities (awarded research grants) may also exist. 

PhD research

If you are interested in conducting research under the supervision of Prof. Zivanovic, you are invited to contact her to discuss research topic of interest. Ideally, you should prepare a written research proposal in advance of the meeting. It is expected that in this proposal you will demonstrate both sufficient knowledge of the research area and good reseacrh skills, both of which are extremely important for successfull PhD studies. 

If you are from China, you might be interested in applying for China Scholarship Council and University of Exeter PhD Scholarships.

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