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Photo of Dr Steve Hubbard

Dr Steve Hubbard

Facilities and Partnership Development Manager


I work with the VSimulators team, connecting the facility with users, to deliver cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research into factors affecting human comfort, health and wellbeing. Located at Exeter Science Park, the University of Exeter VSimulators facility can recreate any environment either physically or virtually, immersing up to nine research volunteers in a simultaneous experience.


In 2017 the Universities of Exeter and Bath were awarded £4.8m by the EPSRC, along with substantial institutional support, to create a worldwide unique experimental facility, VSimulators. The facility was originally designed to explore how people experience motion and vibrations in the built environment, such as sway in tall buildings, vibration of lively floors, or movement of footbridges.

VSimulators comprises a pair of simulators providing complementary capability in mimicking motion and environmental factors in the built environment. The primary aim of the Exeter machine is to study the comfort of humans using footbridges, floors and grandstands, which vibrate in response to occupant/user dynamic forces. However, we are seeing interest in research opportunities across a wide-range of fields, and are excited to push the limits of what can be done.

VSimulators is supported by an academic team with skills in engineering, physiology, psychology, building physics, virtual reality and health care.