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Dr Mahdieh Dibaj


I am interested in supervising under/postgraduate projects. Here is the list of students I am supervising/have supervised:

1. Kai Sheng (MSc Engineering Business Management): Analysing the cost-effectiveness of charging stations for electric vehicles in the UK's rural areas (2020-2021)

2. Yuning Wang (MSc Buisness Management): Managing the brine of desalination industry (2020-2021)

3. Tang Chao (MSc International Supply Chain Management): Policies and Measures for Sustainable Management of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels End-of Life in China (2020-2021)

4. Jiaqi Wu (MSc International Supply Chain Management): E-scooter sharing management and trip data analysis (2020-2021)

5. Rui Yao (MSc Engineering Business Management): Analysing the practical gaps in Mega-Project Management (2020-2021)