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Dr Mohammad Akrami

Students' feedback

Here you can find the students' comments on my teaching:

"I wanted to thank you for all of the knowledge I gained. It was a pleasure to be one of your students! Although Thermofluids wasn’t easy, I enjoyed studying it. Many thanks and hope to see you in my third year." [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

"Quite replies from the module leader and assistance on the teams platform when I had any questions, even on the weekend". [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"Module is well prepared. Topics of projects are interesting and real world applicable." [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"Thank you for being such an amazing and helpful lecturer. You truly are one of a kind!" [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"The lecturer was very helpful and understanding. The projects were enjoyable and in general marked well." [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"Lecturer and Teaching Assistants reply to Teams and email outside of working hours, very helpful and passionate about teaching." [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"The module was quiet interactive and the tutor allowed everyone to ask as much questions as they can", [ECMM103, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"The way the module has been structured was interesting and useful. Professor tries his best to keep the class active and informative." [ECMM103, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"The Q&A sessions have been useful to sort out any issues we have had with understanding the content of this course." [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

"Excellent consideration was made for the two separate masters cohorts of students." [ECMM103, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"I enjoyed the courses ECM3171 Computer-Aided Design and ECM3151 delivered by you. I love the quiz in the class to have fun while learning." [2020-2021]

"Great lecturer and very good module so far. The lecturer explained everything in detail and the coursework. Quizzes are designed very well to assess our work". [ECMM103, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"Really liking the details of explanations you put in the lecture videos, really helps me understand. The pop quiz is also a very good change of pace from the usual monotonous quizzes" [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

"I love the efforts from you, professor! Cannot ask for more, thank you". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

"Very interesting, really enjoying the quiz! great content, lecturer is great". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

“The theromfluids led by Mohammad is also very interesting and Dr Akrami was engaging and explained things well.” [ECM3151, Thermodynamics, 2018-2019]

“A lot of worked examples were given during lectures.” [ECM3151, Thermodynamics, 2018-2019]

"Mohammad was a very hard working lecturer, the most hard-working I have ever seen. He replied to our email questions immediately despite already being midnight to guide us with the coursework. The tutorial sessions are also explained very cleary and questions have all been answered. Well done!!" [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2017-2018]

"Good lecturers, pretty interesting too." [ECM3151, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"Dr Akrami's side had good content and he explained it fairly well", [ECM3151, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

“Very good module, excellently taught and all parts of the module tied in well together.” [ECMM107, Mechanics of Materials, 2017-2018]

“I liked the ANSYS coursework (Mohammad) as I've never used ANSYS before but actually quite enjoyed completing it as it was at exactly the right level. The tutorial sheets were really well written and the tutorial classes really helpful.” [ECMM107, Mechanics of Materials, 2017-2018]

"Well explained lecture slides, and like that the slides are printed out and the seminar questions are given to us in advance", [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"The lecturers are very knowledgeable about their module. They try to make it as entertaining as possible". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"We liked the use of Kahoot (online quizzes) in Mohammad’s lectures". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"Good tutorials, like having practicals and coursework". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"I think that Dr Akrami a good idea to do the kahoot mini-tests". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2017-2018]

"The tutorials by Mohammad were very good, clearing up things that weren't understood in the lectures" [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2017-2018]

"Lectures were interesting and content was testing using Kahoot which was fun. Mohammad was great when it came to answering questions. Especially throughout the busy easter period he replied to emails within minutes and gave good explanations for the questions asked". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2017-2018]

"Engaging and interesting". [EMC1107, Materials, and Manufacturing, 2017-2018]

"Lecture content delivered by Mohammad Akrami was also very interesting and delivered well. The assessment of the module, with a coursework in each half of the module is good and also allows practice of ALM methods". [ECM3154, Manufacturing, 2017-2018]

"I really enjoyed this module. Thank you Chris and Mohammad, for the great work. I attended all lectures and felt I gained a lot from them". [ECM3154, Manufacturing, 2017-2018]

“Thank you, Mohammad, for all your time and constant support this year.” [ECM3102, Individual project, 2018-2019]