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Photo of Mr Kenneth Afebu

Mr Kenneth Afebu



Telephone: 01392 724536

Extension: (Streatham) 4536

Formation Characterisation for Real-Time Self-Optimising Controlled Drilling System 

Kenneth Afebu is currently a PhD research student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering under the supervision of Dr Yang Liu and Dr Evangelos Papatheou. His research aims at characterising downhole bit-rock impact motions and rock strength in real-time using measurable impact dynamics and machine learning methods. The characterisations are essential for optimising and automating the Vibro-Impact Drilling (VID) system which is a type of  resonantly instigated rotary-percussive drilling system. Previous researches include Leakage Characterisation in Gas Pipeline Using OLGA simulator and ANN, Hydro-geophysical Characterisation of Basement Complex Aquifers and Geoelectric Characterisation of Seepage in an Earth Embankment Dam.

He holds a BSc degree in Geology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and a master’s degree in Applied Geophysics from the same university before proceeding to the University of Salford, UK where he obtained a master’s degree in Petroleum and Gas Engineering with distinction.